I Would like to welcome you to the website of BAHRIA Foundation (BF). I feel indebted to you for taking out time from your busy schedule to explore the current activities of BF and its successes.

Right at the onset let me assure you that we in BF believe in business that ends into lasting relationship of trust and success for both. Each activity of BAHRIA Foundation is scrutinized by a “Committee of Administration” headed by the Chief of the Naval Staff and his principal staff officers. Further to that each activity is also closely monitored by a Board of Directors that comprises of senior executives from BF itself. My team comprises of personnel who are dedicated and have the resolve to produce the best result of their respective business units. Each business unit & each person working therein is very critically & minutely monitored.

In this environment of business and competition, there are fundamentally three objectives every business must fulfill. First, business must create superior products and service that in turn generates steady profitability. Secondly, companies must assume responsibility as good Corporate Citizens. Third, and equally important, the core of a company’s survival & success is not its path-banking technology or great products and services, but its brilliant & performing employees who develop the technologies & bring out the great products and services which open & develop the market opportunities for them; it the creativity & excellence of its people that provide the competitive advantage to the organization. It is vital that these three are pursued simultaneously.

Customer care is one of the central aspects of organizational culture. Our team understands that total customer satisfaction is the only success formula that can carry us far in a competitive industry. BAHRIA Foundation has an enormous capacity to adapt to change; adaptations in strategy, structure & systems have been the key factors to its survival & growth.

We, in BAHRIA Foundation, have the great advantage to use out net learning of the last 2 decades to take up the customer’s problem & pain areas as a challenge & provide them with an integrated solution wherein they perceive a value proposition that brings smiles on their faces.

Our constant endeavor at BAHRIA Foundation is to look for newer opportunities in all fields of business, we have always been keen to add more & more offerings, encompassing the current trends in technologies.

Thanks once again for visiting our website and I hope you had informative experience. We look forward to doing business with you.

Vice Admiral Abbas Raza  HI (M) (Retd)
Managing Director, BAHRIA Foundation