BAHRIA SECURITY SYSTEMS & SERVICES (BSS&S), a subsidiary of Bahria Foundation, Pakistan Navy is in operations since 1996. Holding operating licenses for all provinces and established offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Gwadar.

Our operations and deployments are spread over in Urban and Remote areas across the country.

BSS&S IS A Signatory  TO Internal Code of conduct for private security service providers’ (ICOC) an internationally recognized forum that defines and ensures work ethics and methodologies for private security companies. It is a manifestation of our adherence to international standards of quality services and substantiates our credibility.

 BSS&S IS ALSO AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF All Pakistan Security Agencies Association’ (APSAA) the representative body of Security Companies in Pakistan.

Risk management, adherence to safety standards and proactive approach are the cardinal points of our strategy. We take pride in our unblemished history of providing services to the satisfaction of our valued clients.

Parallel to security services on land, we also specialize in offshore security. With unique experience of operations at sea and backed by seasoned manpower, we continue to extend these facilities to our satisfied customers. We are also providing maritime security workforce to shipping & Fishing industry.



  • Composite Security.
  • Electronic Security & Surveillance.
  • Integrate Solutions.
  • Personal Protection / Close Protection.
  • Security Escorts.
  • Personnel Security.
  • Perimeter Cordons.
  • Premises and Building Security.
  • Access Controls.
  • Assets Security.
  • Cash-in-Transit Vehicles.
  • Off-Shore Protection and Security.
  • Maritime Security.
  • And many other related functions.


  • More than 19 Years of Experience.
  • Country-wide Services.
  • Managed by Professionals.
  • Skilled and Trained Teams in the Field.
  • Indigenous Logistic System.
  • Reliable Back-up & Support Systems.
  • One-Window Solution for all security needs.

OUR MANNED SECURITY & PROTECTION    include entire range of services, from static guards to mobile escorts and Lady Searchers to Close Protection Teams. Our guards are dependable and trustworthy, with verified documentations and authentic background checks. Well Trained, experienced and fully equipped, our men are proficient in reacting to and handling all situations and contingencies. The Team Leaders and Supervisors are hand-picked and specifically trained to efficiently handle all security matters.

A Central Control Room operates 24/7 and is geared up to mount immediate response to any security emergency.

We have the capability to carry out security surveys of premises and suggest most efficient solutions to meet your security needs.


  • Corporate Entities, Multinational Companies, Business Houses.
  • Banks, Financial Institutes, Money hangers.
  • Industries, Factories, Mills, Manufacturing Plants.
  • Embassies, Consulates, Foreign Missions.
  • Educational Institutions, Recreational Centres.
  • Medium & Small Enterprises.
  • Business Complexes & Commercial Centres.
  • Warehouses & Stores.
  • Residential Estates.
  • Independent Offices and Houses.

We are the only Pakistani Security Company with experience and wherewithal in MARITIME AND OFFSHORE SECURITY regime.

A seasoned team of seafarers manages and conducts these peculiar operations. Meeting all international standards and holding permissions of the Federal Government agencies, we are the proud flag bearers in national waters and deep seas.

Our CASH-IN-TRANSIT VEHICLES are purpose-built, custom-designed, strengthened and geared up to guard your valuable assets during transits. Skilled, trained drivers and agile security teams aboard, add up to provide a fool-proof defense against any misadventure. Our vehicles can negotiate the traffic volumes and narrow streets with ease, so as to ensure safe and timely E2E transits of valuables. We also offer complete insurance of your valuables during transits and provide limited overnight vaulting services. The services are available in Sindh and can also be made available in other Provinces.

Wide range of PHYSICAL SECURITY EQUIPMENT is available with installation, maintenance and manning facilities. The exhaustive lists includes hand-held scanners, fume detectors, turnstiles, undercarriage scanner, walk-thru gates, baggage scanners, tire-busters, mechanical remotely operated road-barriers, blocks & bollards etc. RFID-capable and Biometrics-based Access Control Systems are also provided with facility of integrated Attendance Record data.

BSS&S is organized in three divisions. Existing structure along-with designation / officers is as under:

  1. Guards Division
  2. Sea Marshals
  3. Electronic Security