Our Intruder systems range from intruder alarms, control panels and motion sensors through to fully integrated intrusion and door control security installations. They include environmental protection and life safety devices, and perimeter protection products including glassbreak, seismic and shock sensors. System also can be integrated with smoke sensors to send fire alert to our control room.



We have designed a package for home and business owners to suit their needs. This package is offered on rental basis. Customers only have to pay monthly monitoring fee.


Our Free package consists of:


Control Panel                       01 No
Key Pad                                  01 No
Backup Battery                     01 No
Power Supply                        01 No
Magnetic Contacts              03 Nos
Panic Buttons                       02 Nos
PIR                                          01 No
Siren                                       01 No
Cable 2 Pair                          90 meters