Flap turnstile: UT-FLA-5705

◆ Size: 800*300*1000mm
◆ Material: 1.2mm 304 stainless steel
◆ Channel width: 550mm
◆ Passing speed: 35p/m
◆ Unlock time: 0.2 seconds
◆ Input voltage: 100-240V
◆ Drive voltage: 24V
◆ Opening signal input: dry contact

◆ Brushed motor, 3 pairs of infrared;
◆ The door wings can be opened directly after power failure to meet the needs of fire escapes;
◆ With automatic reset, infrared anti-pinch function;
◆ A variety of working modes are optional;
◆ Scope of application: campus, community, etc

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