Swing Turnstile: UT-SWI-5802

◆ Size: 1200*185*980mm
◆ Material: 1.2 mm 304 stainless steel
◆ Channel width: 600mm
◆ Traffic speed: 35p/m
◆ Unlock time: 0.2 seconds
◆ Input voltage: 100-240V, 50/60HZ
◆ Drive voltage: 24V
◆ Open signal input: Dry contact

◆ Brushless motor, acrylic baffle, 12mm black marble top cover, 5 pairs of infrared;
◆ It has the function of automatic opening of the door wings when powered off to meet the needs of fire exits;
◆ With anti-tailing, anti-anti-submarine back;
◆ With automatic reset, infrared anti-pinch function;
◆ There are a variety of working modes to choose from;
◆ Scope of application: campus, community, office building, etc.

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