Swing Turnstile: UT-SWI-5804


◆ Material: Thickness 1.2 mm, 304 stainless steel
◆ Size: 1200*185*980mm
◆ Unlock time: 0.2 seconds
◆ Pass rate: 35p/m
◆ The channel width: 600mm
◆ Input voltage: 100V~240V
◆ Motor type: Brush-less and brush motor
◆ Environment: -20~+50
◆ Opening signal input: Dry contact
◆ Net weight: 45KG
◆ Brush motor, acrylic baffle, marble top cover, 5 pairs of infrared
◆ With the function of automatically opening the door wing after a power failure, it can meet the requirements of a fire escape
◆ Anti-tailing and anti-submarine return
◆ With the automatic reset, infrared anti-pinch function
◆ Multiple working modes are available
◆ Scope of application: campus, community, etc

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